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My coaching style blends over 10 years of fitness training with decades of life experience and education. The result is a very balanced approach to goal achievement and long-term success. I transform lives.

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September 2, 2014 1:35 pm

Motivational Monday - How to re-focus

"What you focus on grows"


Five simple words with enough impact to change your life.


As a rule I used to focus on fears, anger, lack, pessimism and other gross stuff in my life and that’s what I got in return for my efforts – more gross stuff. I learned to do life differently (thank goodness!) and now it’s very natural for me to focus on what’s going right, happiness, prosperity, and love. It’s something I do without having to think much about it. However, if there is any down side to doing something well it’s that I sometimes take it for granted. Being positive is just something I do.


Until it’s something I don’t. This past Friday my glass wasn’t just ½ empty, it was nearly empty and filled with toxic water! I was fed up. Fed up with what?  I’m still not sure. I was just fed up. And as a result of this negative attitude and outlook the universe obliged and gave me more of what I was focused on. A driver cut me off, the grocery store’s food was bland, people’s words were hurtful, and I deemed myself ugly.


Here’s the thing; the driver was just driving, the grocery store’s food wasn’t unusual, people weren’t treating me different, and my looks didn’t change. The world was the same. It was simply how I was choosing to focus in on the world that was different. And I didn’t like it.


Friday was a powerful reminder to me that what we focus on grows and to not take that for granted.


Can anyone relate to this? Is anyone stuck in a negative focus right now?


My advice: Fake it till you believe it. It works.


Smile when you don’t want to; say a kind word instead of something negative; list out what’s going right in your life and say thanks – even if it feels like 93% is going wrong, 7% is still going right!